Chapter 56-Where there’s muck there’s brass

Having waxed with a weekly wave and smile, Raffie’s fascination with the bin men is now on the wane.

Where once he screamed with glee at seeing them stopping outside the house, this week’s anticipation has taken a more sombre tone.

“Can you send a message to the bin men Mummy?” Raffie asked. What could it be? To wish them a Happy New Year? Or ask if we can have our bin back this week? No. “Can you tell them not to take the rubbish this week as we’re keeping it. All of it.”

And so, it appears that one Mummy’s trash is a pre-schooler’s treasure.

For months Raffie has been turning into my nan, pulling things out of the recycling bag while shouting “You’re not throwing this away are you?” We have been finding new uses for bits of rubbish with varying degrees of success, inspired by ideas of all shapes and sizes-not least the enthusiasm of CBeebie’s Mr Maker.

There was the octopus crafted from the remainder of the bubblewrap. Then we have the fire engine created from two cardboard boxes hoiked out of the recycling bin and decorated with Fireman Sam stickers and a toilet roll ladder.

Bubblewrap tentacles.

Bubblewrap tentacles.

And I am still pulling bits of paper out of the carpet thanks to the ‘Mike in a snowstorm’ winter wonderland work of art.

Mike Wazowski in a snowstorm. Thankfully only a temporary exhibit.

Mike Wazowski in a snowstorm. Thankfully only a temporary exhibit.

We also have autumn leaves, fashioned in the image of his Grandma’s wallpaper and applied to the kitchen wall. This morning we made something shiny out of cereal box which I had tried to sneak into to the bin after breakfast.

Something sparkly on a cereal box.

Something sparkly on a cereal box.

“Have you spoken to the bin men yet?” as he caught me red-handed trying to put a toilet roll in the recycling bag. “No not yet, but they will need to come and take some of the rubbish-especially what they can’t recycle,” I sheepishly.

“OK, well don’t worry I’ve put a big bag of it in the back room so it doesn’t get mixed up. There’s all kinds of things we can keep, plastic bottle tops, boxes, cardboard and paper.”

So while the bin men have a break, Raffie has plenty to be getting on with while the rain lashes down outside. And although we’re awash with rubbish, every rain cloud has a silver lining. We can only be thankful that Raffie has almost the same enthusiasm for cleaning up afterwards, and with any luck he’ll be happy to see the bin men again soon for all the right reasons.

Tidying up.

Tidying up.


14 thoughts on “Chapter 56-Where there’s muck there’s brass

  1. Bless him! He’s quite an artist, isn’t he? I have to hide our recycling, too otherwise the kids pull out most of the cardboard boxes to ‘make stuff’.

  2. I think this is lovely, it’s great that it is really enjoying crafting. Perhaps you can make a crafting box so he will leave your bins alone x

    • Hello, thank you so much and yes he does, it’s a good way to get him to calm down and focus on something! That is an excellent idea-thank you-I think I will crack on with this at the weekend! x

  3. I have had to hide our recycling as it ends up all over my house otherwise as toys and craft projects. But on a rainy day its not too bad is it? lol Free toys and hours of creativity. Looks like you have an artist on your hands!!! So cute. Thanks for linking up to Share With Me #sharewithme

    • Hello there, you are so right-it’s been really quite useful with this weather! Today we are making a Mr Maker pirate treasure box-wish me luck! Thanks so much, look forward to linking up next week x

    • Ah thank you that’s very kind, I’ve just had to collect it from around the house but he’s sticking with it until he can think of something to do with it-he is already considering recycling as a career! xxx

  4. Aww bless him! I agree with Jane, a crafting box would be a fab idea. We had a big crate of toilet rolls, yogurt pots and all sorts and the children (as I childminded too) would just help themselves.
    The box has now evolved to stickers, glitter and paint but it’s still popular.
    You definitely have a future artist there.
    Thanks for linking up with #SSAmazingAchievements 🙂

    • Hello there, thank you so much and it is a really good idea so thank you for the tip. Yes, I think a future artist or possibly actor! Thanks for having me, looking forward to seeing you later in the week x

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