Chapter 57-The Fun of the Potato Fair

The fortunes of the day can turn on a sixpence, especially when you forget to use the right word at the right time. “Does the potato fair have a slide? Does it have rides? I can’t wait to get there!” said Raffie, champing at the bit to get out of the car.

“Er no, it’s where they sell lots of special potatoes to plant for the new season,” I said. Desperately wishing I had used the word ‘sale’. Or ‘event’. Or even ‘market’. Anything but ‘fair’.

“Oh,” he said, a look of disappointment darkening his face. I got into the brace position. But, remarkably, he took it extremely well-a great achievement considering how excited he was about the funfair he was convinced we were going to. No tantrums, and no screaming.

After a start like this it can only get better, and thankfully it did, as despite the garden centre not having any rollercoasters or candy floss, Raffie could not contain his excitement.

Getting into the spirit.

So very exciting.

“I didn’t realise potatoes could be this exciting,” said a very nice lady watching Raffie run amok through the nursery, looking at the seeds and trying to bag up onions. On discovering some ducks taking a bath in a pothole he ran around in circles and joined them splashing around in the sunshine, before heading off into the garden area to see if he could find any chickens.

Making himself at home with the potato bags.

Making himself at home with the potato bags.

Having bought more than 60 potatoes we should have plenty to keep him occupied, and he can’t wait to get started. It will take more than a hot bath and a glass of wine for me to recover digging over the allotment this week but for Raffie, the fun (and the chitting) is just beginning.

And with his growing love of gardening, he should know more than his onions by the end of the season.


Lost in seeds.


16 thoughts on “Chapter 57-The Fun of the Potato Fair

  1. Beautiful photos, you really have made it look like a fun day out! I have a ‘grassy area’ in my garden which has been designated our vegetable patch, but I suspect it may be next year!

  2. Hello there, thank you for stopping by! Yes funnily enough it was-he never fails to surprise me as I was convinced he would be devastated at the lack of a carousel! Good luck with the vegetable growing, my excuse for not digging this weekend is that the ground is frozen! x

  3. Ha ha ha, I love the “it sells lots of special potatoes”. He won’t get tricked like that for much longer! Those photos are absolutely stunning, There is something about bright winter days, isn’t it? Enjoy gardening with your little man!

  4. Ahh sounds so lovely and I love the photos. Everyone had a great time. Can’t beat a good fair in my eyes. Great post. (a little favor can you make sure you are linking back to Share With Me or my blog so everyone knows where you are partying) it’s getting busy and I love everyone joining in. I look forward to seeing you again tomorrow for another great round of #sharewithme

    • Lovely to hear from you Jenny and thank you so much, he is very excited about planting them out! A million apologies by the way-I thought I had, serves me right for rushing! Will be more careful next time, and thanks again xx

  5. I love your photos. I’m so glad that Raffie enjoyed the fair even if it didn’t have rides. It’s funny how sometimes you have to think about the words you use. It gets even worse when you start spelling things out lol

    Thanks for linking up with Small Steps Amazing Achievements :0)

  6. i love his face-pricelss in the first photo! And how right you are-a random word choice from us can have so many implications can’t it. How lovely that he found so much to enjoy though, that’s priceless too 🙂

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