I’d heard a lot about the Terrible Twos, so when our little boy Raffie reached this milestone, I thought I would start this blog to share our experiences-the good, the bad and the ugly. We live in the south west of England and Raffie shares his adventures with Monkey and Ted, before telling Cave Baby (his favourite fictional character) all about it.
As first timers we are constantly shimmying up the greasy pole of parenting. This blog may be about our little man but it’s not all about us, comments from those who have been, or still are, in the same toddler boat are very welcome!


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  1. We are in *exactly* the same boat – our little girl is 2 and a quarter and, while we love the fun and the ever increasing wordiness, the tantrums and sulks are definitely terrible. But it’s all part of the fun – that’s what I tell myself anyway!

    • O my yes we are aren’t we?! Thanks for your message, it’s great to hear from you, and I’m really enjoying your blog. Raffie is two and two months so a bit behind your little girl then, we are loving the words (he told me to ‘do it properly Mummy’ this week!) but the screaming and throwing is definitely something I shan’t miss-I keep reminding myself we’ll look back on it and laugh at some point!

    • Hello, thank you so much for visiting my blog and it’s lovely to hear from you! It’s a lovely age I think but he keeps me very busy-I was hoping he’d sleep through the night by now but I think he’s too busy for that too! Thank you for your kind words about the photos, he’s getting used to posing! x

  2. Hi! My little lad was there this march and (thankfully) I can see an improvement on the terrible two’s! Although saying that, this week he seems to have stated adolescence early and has refused to do most of my suggested activities…. maybe four is better!! rx

    • Hello there, yes we’ve been having a few teenage moments too! I too have been dismissed a few times as well this week-will persevere though! Thanks for taking the time to pop in and comment on my blog xxx

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