Chapter 55-A Clean Sweep

“A fox in a cage so it can’t escape, a penguin, a cat, a dog and a cuddle.” Thanks to pre-school, Raffie’s Christmas started during the first week of November. But faced with such a list, even Santa would have met his match getting this delivery down the chimney, apart from the cuddle of course.

But we needn’t have worried, as after we struggled to close the groaning boot to take his gifts and him away for Christmas, he was pleased with his presents. Despite the lack of a fox in his stocking, he was particularly overjoyed with a broom he received from his auntie and uncle on Boxing Day.

A boy and his broom.

A boy and his broom.

And not just any old broom. This, we were reliably informed, was the mast for his new ship.

“Where are you going?” I asked enthusiastically. “To the land of the dinosaurs Mummy,” he replied, with the kind of withering look suggesting this was blindingly obvious. “And I have to hold on tight so I don’t fall off.” Sensible advice for any prehistoric traveller.

All aboard for the land of the dinosaurs.

All aboard for the land of the dinosaurs.

On returning home, Raffie then decided to head to the kitchen by Moon buggy, but apparently, and despite bringing plenty of useful supplies including an ark, it wasn’t quite the same without the broom.

The first outing of the Moon Buggy.

The first outing of the Moon Buggy.

Happily, Raffie’s festive adventures have been a little more successful. From the letter to Father Christmas, to staying the whole way through a pantomime without having to leave, Raffie has loved every minute and despite this he still took having to take down the Christmas tree in his stride.

The serious business of taking down the decorations.

The serious business of taking down the decorations.

And even though it has meant watching Mr Peabody and Sherman at least once a day ever since, we are relieved that he has enjoyed all of his presents great and small.

The coming year is one of great change. Now the party’s over we are, like thousands of other parents, still agonising over the school application form. We have no idea of where he will actually go to school in September and like everyone else, once the form gets sent off, all we can do is hope for the best.

But with his new broom Raffie is cheerfully sweeping out the old. And having steered a steady course through the land of the dinosaurs, he’s hopefully heading for more great adventures promised by the new year.


14 thoughts on “Chapter 55-A Clean Sweep

  1. Brooms rock, don’t they? I still remember my small broom from when I was little, and my mum recently bought one for my children, and they love it! That first application form is such a daunting process. I hope you get the school you want. Your little man will start school at the same time as Beanie. x

    • Hello there, yes they sure do-I remember my little sister sweeping for hours! I used to love sweeping leaves when I was little. Thank you-I can’t believe the day to do it is nearly here, I didn’t realise Raffie was the same age as Beanie, it’s a worrying but exciting time! xxx

  2. lol i hope the ark was useful in the kitchen! lol – i have done our school application eek

    So pleased you had a lovely Christmas and i am wishing you and yours a super 2015

    Thanks for linking up with #MagicMoments

  3. What a lovely post. Kids’ imaginations are amazing. Good luck with the school application – it’s a scary time, although we’re lucky that our school is a stone’s throw away so there was never any question of where they would go (secondary school on the other hand is a different matter!).

  4. Funny enough I still remember getting a broom and dustpan set for Christmas one year. I loved cleaning back then not sure what happen now… lol This is lovely. Thank you ever so much for linking up to Share With Me. I hope to see you again next week. Happy New Year! #sharewithme

  5. He does love the broom. What a great imagination Raffie has, I want to go with him to look for dinosaurs!

    Thanks for linking up with Small Steps Amazing Achievements :0)

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