Chapter 61-All American Boy

I found it trapped in the hinge of my suitcase, wedged between my pyjamas and a very small thermal vest.

“Why is your plastic sword in my suitcase Raffie?”

“In case I get bored in America Mummy. I’ve also packed my magnifying glass so I can see it better.”

Admittedly when pondering a ten hour flight to the USA followed by days with a pre-schooler and my octogenarian grandmother, a plastic sword hadn’t been on the top of my emergency list.

A DVD player, an industrial sized box of ibuprofen and just about every one of Raffie’s films I could carry however, were.

But to everyone’s surprise, a boy that can’t sit down for his lunch really enjoys long distance travel. Tucking into his pasta watching Big Hero 6 over the Atlantic he looked like he’d been doing it for years.

Our adventure took us to New York, Connecticut, Cape Cod and finally Boston. Raffie took a great deal of pain but then pride in his blood blister from a viewfinder at the Empire State Building, and was delighted to make a host of new friends at the St Patrick’s Day Parade in New York, where he received free cake and cookies.

high five

Meeting the NYPD.

Meeting the NYPD.

Connecticut was a winter wonderland, and he loved meeting our friends who so kindly finally let him do the cleaning and sweeping he desperately missed from home.

Cleaning the room in Cape Cod.

Cleaning the room in Cape Cod.

The weather got to Cape Cod before us, where the beach remained stubbornly under several inches of snow, and we set off early for Boston, via Plymouth, in a blizzard.

Plymouth Rock.

Plymouth Rock.

Despite the biting cold Raffie embraced Boston and loved the food, the museums and meeting fabulous friends who let him watch Scooby Doo, cuddle their dog and breakdance to disco lights late into the night.

Thanks to our tour of the wonderful Boston Tea Party Ships and Museum, I also ended up having to explain the American Revolution to a three year old, under the intense stare of our fellow tourists.

“So who was the bad guy in the American Revolution Mummy?”

“Erm…it’s a bit complicated really sweetheart, they didn’t want to be part of England any more,” I floundered, feeling slightly sick and very hot.

“So they were the bad guys then?”

“Um no. The important thing to remember is that we’re all friends now,” I stammered weakly.

And with this, and throwing several boxes of tea off the side of the ship to great delight, we left for the Children’s Museum and a well-earned nap followed by the long flight home.

Raffie slept through all of our connecting flight and woke up in Birmingham. “Can we go back to America tomorrow?” he asked as we got home. “I loved it there, it was lots of fun. Can we stay in a hotel?”

It will be quite some time before we go back to America. But although he might need his magnifying glass, with all the excitement it had to offer, I’m pretty sure he won’t feel the need to pack his plastic sword next time.



10 thoughts on “Chapter 61-All American Boy

  1. Oh, this is so lovely! I’m glad that you had such fun, what did you think of the blizzards, the snow was incredible wasn’t it?! I’m very glad it’s gone now though 🙂 We love the Children’s Museum, haven’t been for ages though. The 6 and 8yos prefer the Science Museum now! Love the shot of Raffie in Dunkin’ Donuts 🙂

    • Hello there, they were amazing and it was so lovely for Raffie to actually see some snow-not nice for Daddy to drive in though! We were lucky enough to get to see the Science Museum as well and it was fantastic-we saw the electricity show which we all loved, great-grandmother included! We have friends in Cambridge and it was great to get to see them too. Has the weather become more spring like now? xxx

  2. Aww what a fab experience and he looks just great in his police hat. Very impressed with his cleaning in Cape Cod, bless him!
    Looks like you had a fab time.
    Thanks for linking up with #SSAmazingAchievements

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