Chapter 58-The Art of Surfacing

“Of course in my day, we just used to chuck them in the water and waited to see if they’d sink or swim,” said my Grandmother, with an unnerving twinkle of nostalgia in her eyes.

I am sure there were many enjoyable aspects to being a child of the 1930s. In my mind’s eye they include blackberry picking, lemon curd sandwiches and playing Pooh sticks.

They do not include being thrown in the river after the Pooh stick to see who could learn to swim fastest.

Thankfully, Raffie’s swimming teacher is a modern woman and is not keen to see them flounder. But after taking a break over Christmas it was not a happy start to the day. Raffie was very disappointed to hear that we hadn’t given up on swimming after all, “but WHY do we have to go again?” but knows better than to complain to the teacher’s face.

Trialling the swim hat, as a bath is much more fun.

Trialling the swim hat in the bath as it’s much more fun.

Over the months his confidence has been improving, and he is tolerating being splashed at times, but we were still having tears at the thought of going under the water. Until this week.

We had tears at the thought of it, but eventually he shut his eyes and mouth and under he went. Putting his head under the water may seem insignificant but it has been like climbing a mountain for Raffie, who has never been entirely convinced about the benefits of swimming.

Raffie's response to his first ever lesson, having fallen asleep half way through it.

Raffie’s response to his first ever lesson, having fallen asleep half way through it.

And most weeks we have tears at going under the water, being sprayed with water, and generally doing anything he doesn’t want to do.

For some reason, splashing outside of the pool is perfectly acceptable.

For some reason, splashing outside of the pool is perfectly acceptable.

But perseverance has paid off, and the look of satisfaction on his face has made all the moaning worth it. While I was wrestling with our locker which had swallowed my £1 coin, he watched another swimming lesson in the big pool, transfixed. “I want to do that,” he said, and if he keeps persevering, perhaps one day he will. And much as I love my Grandmother, I think we’ll stick with our swimming teacher to help him get there.

A well-earned rest after splashing around.

A well-earned rest after splashing around.


22 thoughts on “Chapter 58-The Art of Surfacing

    • Hello there thank you so much, and yes-he is always outside in all weathers, we often work in the garden until dark at the moment! I think he is a boy who is much happier on land than in water but he is trying! x

  1. It’s a hard one isn’t it? N hated going underwater for ages, probably 2 years – not helpful when Water Babies has a lot of underwater stuff. But now he likes it – under his own steam and choice, but I have to tell him I’m going under too. We’ll see what he’s like in 3 weeks when he starts going in the pool on his own.

    So annoying when we’ve got kids who need to work at it, rather than those who are natural fish! At least Raffie’s got an end goal in sight. That always helps.

    • Hello there, thank you-yes we haven’t got to the point of him going in on his own just yet but he needs to get his head around it for when he does-hopefully he will have mastered not running off mid-lesson too which can be more than a bit embarrassing! I hope it goes well in three weeks time for you too x

  2. Hello! Gorgeous post and gorgeous boy! I love your writing style, it’s very enjoyable to read. My son hated swimming lessons for a while and now he spends more time under water than on the surface.
    Tor xx

  3. Love the swim hat and good for you for sticking with it. Looks great. I just blogged about my swimming experience with MM it has been so great to see them come so far from the beginning. Lovely post. Thank you ever so much for linking up to Share With Me. #sharewithme

  4. All three of mine are now confident in the water, but for each of them going under/getting splashed was the biggest hurdle. The wee girl has just started going into the pool on her own with the teacher and she still isn’t a massive fan of water in her face, but she loves it otherwise so I know she’ll get there, and so will Raffie xx

    • Hello there, thank you so much, it’s pretty cold for it at the moment but am hoping it will be a lot more fun in the warmer weather! x Thanks for having me and look forward to linking up next week x

  5. Love all the photos in this post. I think it is good that you keep going to the swimming lessons, and so glad water on his face is getting easier. I still can’t have water on my face! It’s great that he is keen to improve and join the other class.

    Thanks for linking up with Small Steps Amazing Achievements :0)

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