Chapter 53-School Daze

“Look, people here pick their noses too!”

And so after weeks of looking at Ofsted reports, calculating preferences, and phoning around schools, it became vividly apparent that Raffie’s criteria bears no relation to ours when it comes to choosing a school.

We have been to five schools already but on the sixth visit he needed to come with us, and he loved it. We were shown around by a very nice pupil and our tour incorporated most of the classrooms. As he charged into each and every one Raffie relished nosing around at their work, testing teachers and asking lots of questions to some very patient staff.

Practising what he does at pre-school.

Practising what he does at pre-school.

While we chatted to other parents he burrowed around in the sandpit before having to be almost dragged out when it came to leaving. “Maybe we’ll see you next year then” said the serene head teacher who didn’t seem phased at all by a very, very overexcited pre-schooler.

After some of his pre-school friends left for school this September it has been something of a mystery for Raffie, who was confused as to why he wasn’t joining them. They are trying to prepare them for school and have been spending a lot of time on letters and numbers.

Practising with Fireman Sam.

Practising with Fireman Sam.

This week we’ve been using the CBeebies app on my phone and he is now getting more interested in spelling and sounds, and the Alphablocks part of it has done wonders for getting him used to putting letters together.

We’ve been trying for months to encourage him to hold a pen for writing, as well as drawing. It’s been a long haul in fits and starts, but finally he produced his first written word-cat.

First written word-and something Raffie wants for Christmas.

First written word-and something Raffie wants for Christmas.

So while I continue to fret about filling out his school preferences, Raffie is full of excitement about his visit, and his previous trip to an after-school club where the big boys let him play football with them.

Seeing other people pick their noses was the icing on the cake.

“I love it Mummy!” he yelled as we got into the car. Only time will tell if he recalls this enthusiasm next September, but for now, we’ll just keep reminding him of his happy school day memories, and to keep his fingers out his nose.


14 thoughts on “Chapter 53-School Daze

    • Thank you so much, he is still talking about it now! He wants to go to another one now but we’ll try and keep him occupied elsewhere so we can actually hear what people are telling us! x

  1. Oh bless him that’s so funny! If he’s writing words already he’ll have a head start on lots of his class mates! My middle child starts in September too, and she tells any random stranger that she meets all about it – excited isn’t the word!!! x

  2. Bless him! It sounds like he’s really ready for it. It’s hard for them to get their heads round how long they have to wait until they actually start school. I hope it lives up to expectations when he gets there (and I hope you get the school you want!).

    • Hello there, thank you-no I haven’t but that sounds great, will be sure to check it out! The app is really good and he’s starting to figure stuff out himself so hopefully he’ll continue to enjoy it! x

  3. My son is one of the youngest in his class. At first I am scared that he will have a hard time. He actually did have a hard time but I notice that its normal. He is now doing okay and is learning his phonics!

    Good luck! Hope you can get into the school that you will choose =) #sharewithme

    • Hello there, thank you-I am sorry to hear he had a hard time of it but’s that’s fantastic that he’s doing well now. We are trying to get him prepared though he says he wants to go to a school where it’s nice and quiet, I am not sure we will find one of those! xxx

  4. Ohhh we’ve had the same kind of thing here, a lot of reluctance from me to actually fill the form in. Took me ages but I’ve finally submitted it, eek!! Good luck, hope you get the one you want 🙂

    • Hello there, o wow-you are brave, I haven’t submitted mine yet and we’ve another school to see! Thank you very much, and I hope you do too, keeping my fingers crossed for you x

  5. Ahhh I love his enthusiasm that’s great. I bet he will be brilliant when he starts school. We have been starting to look at schools too. So nervous how Buba will fare when he starts as he is the youngest. Thanks for linking up to Share With Me. I hope to see you again next week. Happy Holidays #sharewithme

  6. Keeping everything crossed that he still loves school this much in September. It feels like an age away but we were also visiting schools this time last year. It’s fantastic that he is showing such an interest.

    Thanks for linking up with Small Steps Amazing Achievements :0)

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