Chapter 50-Begging the Question

One of the joys of being little is having a lot of time to think, and not just about the little things.

Although Mr Why has been keeping himself to himself recently, the shorter days have prompted longer questions about life, the universe and just about everything in between.

And although I fear even Google can’t help us now, there have been some magic questionable moments.

Looking for the answers.

Looking for the answers.

This week, what should have been a relaxing bedtime turned into a heated disagreement about what happens to dreams when you wake up. A few days later, Raffie is still refusing to accept that they stop when you aren’t asleep.

“When you wake up do your dreams go out and play together?” I was about to correct him when I realised this was a lovely idea and muttered about maybe before rapidly starting his next book.

Raffie's thinking face, apparently.

Raffie’s thinking face, apparently.

I got off lightly however as the next bedtime was an inquisition on why dinosaurs don’t exist any more and was I sure they weren’t going to come and eat him.

Even the current animal kingdom isn’t safe. I can just about cope with ‘What’s for breakfast Mummy?’ at 6.30am, only to be foxed the other morning by the ever-perplexing question of “What do cats do?”

“Why do I have legs Daddy?” was a particular favourite in the car this morning, “because it makes getting around a lot easier” was the right answer from Daddy.

But then we moved on to matters of the state, and the government. “If we don’t like them, we can just throw them out the door,” was his response to a brief discussion on what a government is. “Are there monsters in the government?” “No, not really Raffie.” “Oh well,” replied the budding anarchist, “we can just throw them out the door anyway.”

We don’t have many, if any of the answers. But at least he’s keeping us on our toes, and for Raffie, even the little things in life are some of the most important-whether or not they have an answer.

An early morning experiment to see whether sticks really do float.

An early morning experiment to see whether sticks really do float.

19 thoughts on “Chapter 50-Begging the Question

  1. The questions can get a bit frustrating when asked for the hundredth time, but their imaginations are just so amazing, the original questions are fabulous! I love the idea of dreams going out and playing together 🙂

  2. I love the question about the dreams. Kids are brilliant, and can be so imaginative! My 4 yo was showing us the other day the part of our head when the dreams come in 🙂

  3. These are absolutely brilliant. So funny. I love the things toddlers come out with and their innocent questions that leave us parents perplexed and unknowing what to answer with the truth or just agree to stop furthering questionings. These are hilarious. Thank you so much for linking up to Share With Me #sharewithme

  4. I love this, I love his idea about dreams. I’m glad google is around now to help with some of the answers. I do think he is throwing some amazing questions your way as much as I’m sure you don’t want/need them at bedtime ;0)

    Thanks for linking up with Small Steps Amazing Achievements :0)

    • Thank you Jane, ha yes first thing in the morning and last thing at night aren’t generally good times but we muddle through!
      Thank you for having me, and look forward to taking part this week-hopefully! x

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