Review-Storytime Sounds App

Whether it’s long or short, big or small, we love a good story in our house. Bedtimes meander from one book to another and there have to be at least four before Raffie will even think about going to sleep.

So when we were offered the chance to review the Storytime Sounds app for the iPhone through Mumsnet I jumped at the chance to see how it would work, and whether it would add to his enjoyment of one of his favourite pastimes.

The app, by, was easy to upload onto my iPhone and features five soundboards themes-pirates, lost world, space, fairy tales and monsters, plus a new seasonal storyboard for Hallowe’en.


Raffie was very excited at the colourful pictures and interesting sounds but settled down nicely for the Hallowe’en story which is available here at He laughed like a drain at the organ sound and really enjoyed pressing all the buttons at the right (and wrong!) time in the story.

Enjoying making sounds for the online Hallowe'en story.

Enjoying making sounds for the online Hallowe’en story.

It was such a success that I found a few of his favourite books which we could use the app with at bedtime. We started with Room on the Broom by Julia Donaldson, and then read The Way Back Home by Oliver Jeffers, using different sounds from a range of storyboards, to much hilarity. Raffie asked for it again the next night and we tried it with Pirate Small in Big Trouble, by Julie Sykes.


He has really enjoyed playing with the sounds and using them for various situations during the day, as well as books.

The app is aimed at children aged between three and seven. So at three and a half, he is on the younger side of the target audience, but has got a lot out of it nonetheless, and we’ll keep trying it with different books to give him a new perspective on some old favourites.

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