Chapter 48-All by Myself

Lively. A word which once simply meant full of life and energy. A word which has become a euphemism for not sitting still, not listening and wreaking havoc in small spaces while everyone else sits nicely. A word which is applied regularly to Raffie’s music club.

Every week we start with great expectations, but every week I have to take Raffie out to calm down. Every week I spend most of the deceptively short 45 minutes picking him up and putting him back on his cushion. Every week, he is ‘lively’.

But not this week.

Music club usually starts like this.

Music club usually starts like this.

It might have taken the best part of a year but this time his lovely, and boundlessly enthusiastic teacher, suggested that it might be an idea to try leaving him on his own. We agreed to try next week, only for me to be told (by Raffie) in no uncertain terms to go. He didn’t even say goodbye.

So, reluctant to leave the building in case of a mammoth meltdown, I bimbled aimlessly around the corridor. Every now and then I peered through the glass to see Raffie not only sitting down, but joining in and listening. Not one of us, teacher, the other parents, and especially me could believe it, but it was true.

“I listened Mummy” he said as we got outside “and they said I did really well.”

But this week he wore his listening ears.

But this week he wore his listening ears.

Whether it was a fluke, or whether it was the future, it was certainly a revelation. We persevered for so long because music club is great, he gets to play with different instruments, learn new songs and then practice them at home.

So it may have been a small step, but it’s a step in the right direction. And hopefully we next week we can be the right kind of lively, and keep hitting the right note.

The reason we joined in the first place.

The reason we joined in the first place.

23 thoughts on “Chapter 48-All by Myself

  1. I find that with my ‘lively’ little boy that if I’m not there he doesn’t tend to be quite so ‘lively’. Fingers crossed that this is the future for you and not just a fluke!

  2. Aww well done Raffie, small but positive steps! My son and daughter can be little monkeys when at home with me but listen to their teachers/nursery assistants they are the complete angels who listen and never play up. I think maybe it’s better that way though, thank you for linking up to #magicmoments.

  3. This is really fantastic and I know how you must feel as we too experience ‘lively’. The classes sound like lots of fun I really hope his new listening mode continues for you.

    Thanks for linking up with Small Steps Amazing Achievements :0)

    • Thanks Jane, it wasn’t too bad this week but I think we could do with some more listening-then again who couldn’t?! Thanks for having me, looking forward to seeing you later in the week xx

  4. This is fantastic. All it takes is a little freedom sometimes and they can really blow us away. thank you so much for linking up to Share With Me. I hope to see you again tomorrow for another great week. #sharewithme

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