Chapter 45-The Gruffalo Live

For a small boy, fact is often stranger than fiction.

“Is the Gruffalo going to eat me Mummy? Or is he a puppet?” was Raffie’s first response to being told he was going to the theatre. “No, the Gruffalo doesn’t eat people.” “Are you sure?”

It’s fair to say that Raffie has mixed feelings about the Gruffalo. Although he loves films like Monsters Inc, he is rather wary of monsters in general. Despite reading the Gruffalo regularly, he often needs reminding me that the Gruffalo isn’t real, unlike crocodiles. There was even a time he used to cover him up, but thankfully this seems to have passed.

Gruffalo 1

And his curiosity overcame his initial reservations, despite a small wobble at the show, and a brief “Can we go for a walk now?”, as the Tall Stories theatre company brought Julia Donaldson’s famed story off the page and onto the stage.

Told with humour, costume changes and song, the story of the little mouse who braves the deep dark wood is full of curious characters. And nuts.

Keeping a small boy on his seat (Daddy’s lap) for five minutes is something of a challenge so to keep him there for an hour is pretty much unheard of, clutching his new Gruffalo ‘sign’ and a look of deep concentration.

Every show should have a sign.

Every show should have a sign.

While the mouse went on its journey, Raffie and many other small children were mesmerised-a far cry from Raffie’s first trip to the theatre last year which lasted around three minutes.

As a reward for his very good behaviour we treated him to a post-show ice cream. He slowly covered his face and clothes in it while he cuddled his new Gruffalo toy and told us all about how it would be good to see a show with the Gruffalo’s Child.

On leaving the theatre he considered the Gruffalo posters with a keen eye. His newly cherished toy and sign were worth every penny. But to hear the words “I’m not scared of the Gruffalo anymore Mummy, I want to take him home,” is priceless.

Gruffalo 3

29 thoughts on “Chapter 45-The Gruffalo Live

  1. Glad it was a great success. We saw this show a few years ago and my boys loved it. Ended up with the biggest gruffalo toy as they had sold out of the cheaper ones

    • Thank you so much, yes, we got one of the last smaller ones thankfully, and the sign of course! We might try panto at Christmas, though this might be pushing our luck-we’ll wait and see! xxx

  2. Aww sounds like you all had a wonderful time, we love the Gruffalo too and my daughter asked the same question when we went on the Gruffalo trail. Love the snoozy car picture, I think you can gauge how a day went based on whether they fall to sleep in the car. Thank you for linking up to #magicmoments.

  3. How precious. He’ll never forget that experience, that’s for sure. Great he is now embracing the character rather than fearing it.

  4. That Gruffalo sign is just fab and how brill that you all had a good time, after some initial reservations. The sleepy car pic is brill.
    Am hoping the Gruffalo show reaches our way eventually as we have a fan here too πŸ™‚
    Thanks for linking up with #SSAmazingAchievements

    • Hello there, thank you, is loving the poster in his room too! Hope you get the chance to see it soon. It’s a pleasure linking up with you, hope to do so again soon and thanks for having me! xx

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  6. Ahh your little one sounds so cute. I am glad you had such a great time. My kids would love this. Gruffalo fans here. lol Sorry for the delayed comment we have been all ill here. Thank you so much for linking up to #sharewithme hope to see you again soon.

  7. So glad you all had a great time at the show. It sounds like a great experience. We love the gruffalo and I have thought about going to this but haven’t been brave enough. We are going to attempt Peppa Pig live! #SSAmazingAchievements

  8. Hello! We at Tall Stories just wanted to say that we’re so glad that you all enjoyed the show last month and thank you so much for coming. We also just wanted to mention that we do in fact also have a show of The Gruffalo’s Child – it’s playing in London this Christmas and I’m sure will do another UK tour sometime in the future, so hopefully Raffie will get to see that at some point!
    Thanks again for coming and for your lovely comments about the show.
    Best wishes,
    Natalia and the Tall Stories team

    • Dear Natalia, wow it’s great to hear from you, what a lovely surprise! He is still talking about the show and funnily enough reading the Gruffalo’s Child at bedtime. I didn’t realise you also did that one too so we’ll try and come along to London-fantastic! We all really enjoyed the show and are looking forward to seeing you again. Best wishes and thanks again for getting in touch, Lystra x

  9. Thank you so much for linking up to Share With Me. I really do hope to see you again tomorrow for another great round. Please remember to link up a specific post so people know where to read and comment not just your blog url and add the SWM badge so they all know where you are sharing! πŸ™‚ THank you so much. Love the selfie in the last photo! Amazing with the camera already. #sharewithme

    • Thank you, I will do-I’m having a spot of bother with badges but am sorting it, I’ll be popping it on as soon as possible! Thanks for having me and looking forward to joining you tomorrow x

      • That’s ok I am just reminding everyone on badge display or even just a link back as many aren’t doing it each week. So it’s easier to just friendly remind everyone. Hahahaha thanks for the Linky and blog support.

      • Hello there, yes of course, that’s great-I’ve been trying to sort it for a few days now and getting to the bottom of the issue hopefully! It’s a pleasure, a lovely linky to join up with-looking forward to seeing you tomorrow! x

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