Chapter 40-Game, Set and Catch

“He’s a lot of fun isn’t he?” There is nothing like the steely glare of a sports coach to stop you in your tracks. And a suspected case of mistaken identity.

“Pardon? Do you mean Raffie?” I shuffled nervously. “Yes”, she said, “he’s fantastic.”

Now obviously we think he’s fantastic. But after trying to stop him running around for half an hour while all the other children paid attention I couldn’t really understand why anyone else would at this particular moment. When I told my friend we had taken him to a tennis taster session she asked “why do you do it to yourselves?” which was a very fair question in hindsight. And she wasn’t even there.

Making his way towards someone else's ball.

Making his way towards someone else’s ball.

Raffie is many things, but a listener is not one of them. Excited beyond belief by the prospect of playing tennis, he spent a lot of time running around in circles and catching up with other people’s balls when they fell on the floor.

Then there was the escape bid, along with the running through the huge nets dividing the courts. It was what you could call a family workout, I just wish I had worn my running shoes as I could have caught him before he literally slipped through the net.

So hats off to the people who run the sessions for giving him the chance to try it out and letting me hold a racquet with him which managed to keep him focused for five minutes. “I love tennis” he said with a look of glee, twiddling the net between his fingers. “I know, but I think you might love it more if you listened to the lady Raffie,” I gasped, “No Mummy, I won’t.”

A brief moment of calm, thanks to a very patient lady.

A brief moment of calm, thanks to a very patient lady.

So to hear the coach singing his praises came as something of a shock. “You should bring him in for our toddler class sometime, he’s got so much energy and he’d really enjoy it,” she said. “I’d love to, but as you can see he’s not that good at sitting or listening yet,” as I watched Daddy trying to stop him crawling up the stairs and out. “Ah, but that’s what I intend to teach him,” she said, wisely. She is a better woman than me. And if she is successful, we would all be grateful for finally getting a word in a small boy’s ear.


I happened upon this smashing blog recently and have been thoroughly enjoying the adventures of Steph and her family, please do stop by if you get the chance it’s a great read

19 thoughts on “Chapter 40-Game, Set and Catch

  1. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! I’m over the moon and flabbergasted all in one!!! I’m thrilled you like my blog and deem it worthy of endorsement! thank you agin so much – it means a lot to me! big kisses!! Steph xxx

  2. Where do they get their from?! Apart from us, obviously. Running around is a great skill for tennis, & it sounds like you have a great teacher there if they can get him to sit still & listen as well!

  3. your post made me laugh as I too have a little boy who can’t sit still! I can just picture him now finding any opportunity to do anything other than ‘play tennis’ as we know it and run around in all that space! I love the fact that Daddy had to catch him from crawling up the stairs!! Sounds like he loved it and it’s a great opportunity for him. #SSAmazingAchievements

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