Chapter 35-Games Without Frontiers

It may not be a Hitchcock movie but life with a toddler is filled with suspense.

We are on tenterhooks at various moments throughout the day and at the mercy of mind games including such cliffhangers as will he eat his supper? Will he have a nap? And after playing Fireman Sam for the fifth time this morning, where will he demand to be rescued from next?

This morning he had his foot stuck in Daddy’s laptop bag. Yesterday he had his hand down the back of the sofa, claiming to have fallen off the shelves while fixing the television aerial. Aside from finding situations from which to be rescued, just like in Fireman Sam, Raffie’s new love is hide and seek. After counting to ten the game usually goes like this.

“Where’s Raffie? Is he behind the sofa?”
“No I’m in the kitchen Mummy!”

Hmm. Where could Raffie be?

Hmm. Where could Raffie be?

His intentions are good but his hiding places can be questionable. Yesterday he buried his face in a beaded blind. The other day he hid behind an empty clothes airer with his head in his hands. It works both ways, as the Daddy shaped lump under the duvet completely passed Raffie by when it was his turn to seek. “He’s gone Mummy, has he gone to shops?” “Are you sure he isn’t under the duvet?” I said, trying to keep a straight face. “No, I think he’s gone to the shops Mummy. I didn’t find him.”



When I was little my favourite game was rummy, and I used to spend many hours playing this with my nan, with a little kitty of coppers with my name on and a packet of cheese and onion crisps. Unsurprisingly card games aren’t for Raffie, who can’t sit at a table for more than five minutes. But he enjoys a game of catch with varying results and following a gift of a golf club and balls has been teeing off in the kitchen regularly.

The only game he can keep relatively still for is hide and seek, for about a minute, before the suspense becomes unbearable. Finding Raffie may not be much of a challenge but we love his genuine delight in finding new places to hide, no matter how obvious they are. And while he’s still loving every moment we wouldn’t dream of finding him too easily. So until he’s ready, we’re more than happy not to give the game away.


As a mum who blogs it’s always nice to come across a dad who blogs, and thanks to Lewis this one is a smashing read. I also like the fact he only wears black. Find out more at or on Twitter @dadwhoblogs

12 thoughts on “Chapter 35-Games Without Frontiers

  1. I love how you say a life with a toddler is full of suspense, this is so true in out house! I think that playing hide and seek together together is fantastic. Sometimes if we are lucky we get to play peek a boo, only when Ethan is in the mood!

    Thanks for linking up with Small Steps Amazing Achievements :0)

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