Chapter 33-What’s New Pussycat?

He may have left us over a year ago but Jasper the cat will always have the last laugh when it comes to my French windows.

His parting gift to me, tiny curls of wood and putty peeling off around the window frames, are nigh on impossible to remove but I won’t be sandpapering them anytime soon.

Eyeing up the French windows.

Eyeing up the French windows.

Pets have been a hot topic this week, not least as we spent a very happy time with our friends who have two cats, one of which endured being stroked by Raffie to his heartfelt joy. “I want Jasper Mummy,” announced Raffie suddenly, “Where did he go?” Shuffling about a bit I bumbled, “Well maybe when you’re a bit older we can think about getting a cat?” “Yes, Mummy, Jasper. It’s a good name for a cat.” “Hmm.”

Jasper was no comedian but I always thought if he could talk he’d sound just like Peter Cook. His rampant dislike of children would not be swayed by the many bananas and books Raffie delivered to him under the kitchen table. When the time came for him to leave us, Raffie was aware of but not distressed by his passing which is a blessed relief.

A cat's face speaks a 1,000 words.

A cat’s face speaks a 1,000 words.

However the memory of a pet lingers on, and has evolved from I want to I wish. “I wish I would have a dog Mummy”, when he saw our neighbour’s puppy. “I wish I would have a fish Mummy,” when we watched Finding Nemo. “I wish I would have a horse Mummy,” when he watched Brave. So I tried to call his bluff while watching A Bug’s Life. “Raffie would you like a stick insect? We’ve already got a tank he could live in,” I said cheerfully. “No Mummy, they do not make good pets. They are sticks.” I will never learn.

I hesitated to point out that although he too is made of wood, Raffie rather enjoys taking Mr Mouse out for a walk. A veteran toy, Mr Mouse has just been released from toy hospital after being dropped down the stairs resulted in having his ears smashed off. I then realised it might be a bit early to get a kitten.

Taking Mr Mouse to the shop. The photo does not show his sticky tape bandages very well.

Taking Mr Mouse to the shop. The photo does not show his sticky tape bandages very well.

We will be very lucky if we find a cat who likes children as much as we do. The next best thing will be getting a kitten who can grow up with Raffie when he’s old enough not to try and ride it.

Although I’ve never heard a cat laugh, I’m pretty sure Jasper would manage a wry smile at the next cat who lands the cream of our toddler’s affection. And hopefully his ears will stay where they belong.


Most of us have one, and most of them are as long as your arm. But the Mummy’s to do list blog is well worth a visit, featuring lots of interesting posts on toddler life, from books to boats. You can find out more here


8 thoughts on “Chapter 33-What’s New Pussycat?

  1. Oh, mine are on at me for a dog too, and I would love one! Unfortunately my cat Brenda would not, she gets very upset indeed when friends’ dogs come and visit.
    But there’s no doubt cats are easier pets and I am sure you will find the perfect companion for Raffie!

    • O yes, they don’t always mix too well with dogs! Thank you, I am sure we will-we might just wait a while longer. By the way Brenda is a brilliant name for a cat! x

    • O yes, we had Jasper for 14 years and it’s just not the same without him! O that is a good idea, I hadn’t thought about a guinea pig…that could be the answer! Thank you so much for popping over to read my blog by the way xxx

    • O that would be lovely, I hope it works out for you. I always want to adopt the older cats to give them a home for their twilight years but I don’t think they’d appreciate a toddler! Thank you for taking the time to visit my blog xxx

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