Chapter 32-94 Minute Party People

There was once a time when the measure of a good party was something like the amount of alcohol consumed, multiplied by friends and divided by the number of people still asleep on the floor the next morning.

As life moves on the measure now appears to be the number of balloons multiplied by cake eaten and divided by tantrums. Thankfully, when it came to meltdowns at Raffie’s birthday party the only near miss was from me. It’s not the first time that buttercream has nearly brought me to tears and I am sure it won’t be the last.

Turns out you can never have enough toadstools.

Turns out you can never have enough toadstools.

Fuelled by jelly, cake and some token grapes Raffie was too overwhelmed by numbers to care about sharing (or not) and raced happily around house and garden looking for balloons and playing with sand.

I spent many fretful days before the big event anguishing over the fact that the garden is not only too narrow for a bouncy castle but on an incline that would have seen the toddlers marooned in the corner. Raffie can’t sit down to eat a biscuit let alone watch a children’s entertainer so we went old school, with just food, cake and lots of running around and mercifully good weather.

So now Raffie is three. He managed to stay awake for an hour and a half (around 94 minutes in fact) for his party, asking to go to bed immediately after blowing out his candle. It’s not for the same reason I used to fall asleep at parties, but I do also appreciate the benefit of knowing when you’ve had enough.

And you can never have enough balloons.

And you can never have enough balloons.

Raffie’s birthday treat was a trip to London and the Science Museum. “Umm Mummy, I don’t think this is the museum,” he said earnestly as we queued at the station. But despite his disappointment at not being there yet he waved relentlessly at harried commuters on the escalators at Victoria.

“The lady in the yellow coat smiled at me!” “Making London smile one commuter at a time,” said Daddy proudly. And like Raffie falling asleep at his party, some good things never last too long, but I have a feeling we could do a lot worse than starting three with a smile.

Easy birthday rider.

Easy birthday rider.


Even when it isn’t his birthday sometimes just having one boy keeps me busy enough, but Frazzled Mum (AKA Kate) has five and still has time to write her lovely blog. I’ve been really enjoying it and her thoughtful musings on family life. You can find out more here or on Twitter @tricky_phase

6 thoughts on “Chapter 32-94 Minute Party People

    • O bless you thank you, it was a stressful experience but we got there in the end-I’m just glad I could buy the Tree Fu Tom figures I think it would have finished me off otherwise! xxx

  1. WOW look at that cake! I leave cake making to my mum, terrible I know! She has a bit of a challenge this year lol. Sounds like a perfect third birthday and a great day out for you all, I hope. Love the last picture.

    Thanks for linking up with Small Steps Amazing Achievements :0)

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