Chapter 31-One Step Beyond

The big day is drawing near. After nearly 365 days with the terrible twos, the countdown to three has begun.

Hearing so much about this tender age and the havoc it can wreak led me to begin blogging. I was promptly told by my cousin, who knows about these things, “It’s much worse when they get to three-just wait!”

Currently I am pondering how to make a Tree Fu Tom cake which will vaguely resemble a tree stump and explain to Raffie that it won’t have all the characters on it. We have also had to let him know that Tom won’t be coming to his party, but have a card from him with his apologies.

And as I also explain that it might be a bit tricky to have a Wallace and Gromit party (which he asked for a day after the Tree Fu Tom paraphernalia arrived), three appears to be another step beyond entirely.

All smiles as we're nearly a birthday boy.

All smiles as we’re nearly a birthday boy.

I can only describe this year as an eclectic blend of the seven heavenly virtues and the seven deadly sins. For example:

Charity: “Sharing your toys is a lot more fun Raffie.” “No it isn’t Mummy.”
Kindness: “How’s Grandpa’s toe? And how is his boiler?”
Diligence: “It’s not Ben and Holly Mummy, it’s Ben and Holly’s Little Kingdom.”
Patience: “Are we there yet?”
Gluttony: “Can I have another Jaffa cake? Or a chocolate bourbon biscuit? Or angel cake? Purlease?”
Humility: “I’m not a very good dancer Mummy.”
Sloth: Er, no. Raffie hasn’t slept through the night for a year. And only six nights the year before that. And it’s a struggle for him to sit down at the best of times.

No toddler’s year would be complete without wrath, from throwing bricks across the room to petulantly folded arms, to tears. We’ve had battles over mealtimes, battles over trousers, battles over sitting still, and battles over shouting in people’s faces. Battles over holding hands, being careful, being polite and cleaning our teeth.

But I am happy to report that despite flaring tempers, wrath is yet to win the war. Although it was a close thing when I was faced with a front room wall decorated with ballpoint pen. “Come and see what I’ve done Mummy, I’ve done some lovely drawing,” Raffie said with an inky smile.

A moment of calm in the garden.

A moment of calm in the garden.

And starting a blog has led to the unexpected in its own right. I never expected to tweet, to set up a Facebook page, to learn to use WordPress-though am still not au fait with widgets. I never expected to discover all the wonderful people I would get to know, and the old friendships it would revive.

And I never expected anyone to follow it, and am very grateful to everyone who takes the time and trouble to read and comment on my blog.

So with Tree Fu Tom’s card, and his apologies in the post, we await the arrival of three, and for time to tell if it really is a magic number.

Oh and I might need to change the name of my blog!


As Raffie comes up to his third birthday, I have been feeling a tad nostalgic after reading Dad’s Diary, who’s little boy is turning one this week. It’s a lovely read, and happy birthday to the little man! You can read more here

8 thoughts on “Chapter 31-One Step Beyond

  1. Happy Birthday to Raffie!! Lottie turns 3 next Friday! I’m going to attempt to make and decorate a cake for the first time. Wish me luck 🙂 I love reading your blog and it often brings a wry smile to my face to hear off his escapades! Xx

    • Thank you-wow they are five days apart! I am very nervous as I am doing the same with the cake-I will be thinking of you! Thank you so much for your kind words, hope Lottie has a brilliant birthday! xxx

  2. What a lovely post, the time does fly when you are having fun! I hope he has a fantastic 3rd birthday. I’m also sorry to say that I’m glad to hear we are not the only ones that live without sleep ;0)

    Thanks for linking up with Small Steps Amazing Achievements :0)

    • Hello there, thank you so much, he did have a lovely time and was very tired by the end of it! Yes he has always been a terrible sleeper-not expecting that to change anytime soon! Thank you for having me, it’s a lovely linky and looking forward to the next one xxx

  3. Happy birthday Raffie! Out Little Miss only turned two a month ago so I should probably read back over your last year’s posts to see what we might have in store! Definitely looking forward to hearing what three is like though. So far two seems to involve a lot more talking, a lot of ‘nooooo Mummy, noooo’ and ever increasing bossiness!

    • O yes, actually there seems to be more of this now than then-hopefully it’s just a phase! I hope she had good birthday, and thank you for taking the time to visit my blog! x

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