Chapter 30-Living Doll

Imitation is apparently one of the finest forms of flattery. And from Harry Styles to Marie Osmond, many a mortal has been turned into a doll. However when it came to my moment to be immortalised in plastic, I didn’t even get the chance to gather dust in the corner, let alone take centre stage.

“I’d like to go the shop and buy a tiny Mummy,” Raffie beamed at me. “O really,” I replied. “Yes, I am going to put her in bag and bring her home, and then put her in the bin. Ha ha ha. That’s really funny. The bin. With all the rubbish. For the binmen.”

It’s harsh but fair. Two months ago, Raffie kindly shared not only his thoughts but his bugs with me. What was a brief albeit nasty cold for him ended up as pneumonia for me. Ten weeks, five courses of antibiotics, and two X-rays later, I am finally able to blog once more and do all the other things mummies are supposed to do, like go outside.

Not really feeling 100%.

Not really feeling 100%.

Raffie started his bug with a temperature and hacking cough, and we spent several days at home with both of us feeling sorry for ourselves. But one of the benefits of struggling through the days together was finding more time for each other.

There are times when tissues just aren’t enough. “Of course you can use my muslin Mummy,” Raffie cheerfully said as I tried to blow my nose surreptitiously for the millionth time. But although with Daddy’s help we were able to scale the laundry mountain, Raffie wasn’t so keen on the temporary suspension of toy clearing duties.
“What is all this mess Mummy?”

Mr Fox makes good company.

Mr Fox makes good company.

I confess, while I normally clear up I had lost the will to do just about anything let alone put away a scattering of wooden blocks and crayons. When everything aches, I’d just rather sit still. “Can you tidy it up please? Now?” “Yes of course,” I croaked, while searching for another fresh muslin and some more painkillers.

So while normally we would be out and about, we sat on the sofa, watched many DVDs and CBeebies, read books, and had fun with colouring. We tried to croak through a song, but having being told to “talk properly Mummy” I thought better of it.

I have come to realise that through the haze of incapacity, there is a fringe benefit to be being poorly. The brief time we were both ill together was most one-on-one time we’ve spent since I was on maternity leave, and thanks to neither of us having any energy we were also both more than ready for bed in the evening.

Raffie got better very quickly, and I am well on the road to recovery.

And who knows, having been thrown together more by circumstance, perhaps he’ll want to spend a bit more time with his Mummy doll before throwing her in the bin again.

Sitting up is a bit too much.

Sitting up is a bit too much.


Having been unable to do much I started to look around for new things to entertain Raffie at home, and stumbled upon this-loving the yoghurt and food colouring ideas!

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