Chapter 29-Sit Down

“I’m very good at making a mess Mummy.” And that I can’t deny. From getting paint on the curtains to creating an impenetrable flour paste on the kitchen floor, Raffie is very good at many things, but sitting down is not one of them.

The longest he has remained seated was on his first trip to the circus. Totally overwhelmed, he barely moved for the entire performance, pinned to my lap by the spectacle of clowns, acrobats and trapeze artists. And after slowly peeking out from behind my shoulder he talked about it for weeks afterwards.

Sadly this experience was not recalled during a trip to the pantomime this week. We stayed for all of ten minutes, but even the lovely Tweedy the Clown couldn’t stop the tears. The kindest thing to do was to abort our mission and go and buy him some crisps, and half an hour later he was all smiles. “I love Tweedy Mummy” he informed us as we got into the car, an hour before the panto was due to finish.

So for some reason we took him to the hairdresser this week for his first official haircut. As a hairdresser’s nightmare I always feel a little awkward with hair which refuses to be tamed. Raffie has inherited my obstinate hairdo and his mischievous locks would look odd cut too short, so we have stuck with the Brian Jones look.

Almost seated with a little help.

Almost seated with a little help.

We took him to the hairdressers I was taken to as a child. Times may have changed but it’s still as friendly and welcoming, even for a small boy who only managed to sit down for the time it took him to eat his favourite cheesy biscuit. And two biscuits later we were done.

The difference a cheese biscuit can make.

The difference a cheese biscuit can make.

I struggle just to get Raffie dressed when he’s on the move, but Holly the hairstylist-clearly familiar with the wriggles of toddlers-managed to cut his hair in mid-spin without snipping his ear off.

Not quite the sitting down I had in mind.

Not quite the sitting down I had in mind.

Raffie is already talking about his next visit to the hairdresser, and I am silently hoping that a few months might make all the difference when it comes to sitting down nicely. Otherwise next time we might have to send in the clowns.

Job done.

Job done.


8 thoughts on “Chapter 29-Sit Down

  1. Yes we have this problem, we go for the pinned down on daddy’s lap route lol. I’m sorry to hear the trip to the panto didn’t go that well. Hopefully with time he will want to sit still for a little longer!

    Thanks for linking up with Small Steps Amazing Achievements :0)

    • Hello there, we use that for teeth cleaning at times! Well we’ll try again next year I think-never mind. Thank you for having me, it’s always a pleasure to read all the lovely blogs on your site and of course read yours as well! xx

  2. It took a while for my son to sit still and want his hair doing whereas my daughter used to come with me when she was younger so I think she knows the score and sits still. So sorry about the pantomime, it is a difficult situation as you don’t know how they’ll fact until you are in there and have paid. Hopefully once he’s a bit older 🙂

    • Hello there, yes it’s a tricky one isn’t it, I’d taken him to the circus and it shocked him into stillness-he really enjoyed it in the end! This was a bit more in his face though and much more noisy. We shall see, but sitting down is a challenge for a busy boy! xxx

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