Chapter 27-All I Want For Christmas

It may have only packed a 16k punch. It may have meant holding a tape recorder above my head for 10 minutes to upload a game because the cables didn’t reach. But at the risk of showing my age, the greatest Christmas gift I received as a child was a Sinclair Spectrum.

After months of being told by my parents I had as much chance of getting a computer as getting a Barbie, I was convinced that I would only ever see one while being dragged past a shop window, let alone play on one.

I never got a Barbie, but after months of wearing the keys out playing Hungry Horace, it didn’t seem to matter anymore.

Happily for Raffie, this year’s list was far simpler. All he asked for was a new teddy bear. And who knows if we might have got away with one gift, but in the end he took three days to open his presents. Not because they filled the entire house, but because each and every one was carefully considered and played with, before overwhelming him completely and having to go to bed.

Present 1
He loves his new kitchen, and has spent days making cups of tea and plates of plastic food for anyone passing by.

The joy of unwrapping.

The joy of unwrapping.

The joy of a new kitchen.

The joy of a new kitchen.

“I said I wanted a teddy bear” he squeaked, pulling it out of his stocking, “but why has Father Christmas given me an orange?” “Umm, because he likes fruit Raffie,” was the best answer I could come up with when pressed, recalling the days of fishing one out of my own stocking on Christmas Day morning.

Unsurprisingly, and on the edge of the new year, Raffie asked when Father Christmas could come again. “I want him to bring more presents Mummy.”

I have a feeling that it will take a lot less time to open them next year.

And while he’ll have substantially more things on his Christmas list than a teddy bear from this point on, I am keeping my fingers crossed he’ll have a Spectrum moment of his own in years to come.

If not, I’ll have to get mine down out of the attic.

Happy New Year everyone, thank you so much for reading my blog during 2013, and we wish you all a happy and prosperous 2014.

12 thoughts on “Chapter 27-All I Want For Christmas

  1. My daughter was the same – opened the first present then just wanted to play with it, completely uninterested in the remaining ones. Thought it was so sweet she didn’t just rip them all open.

  2. A Spectrum!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh,the memories that word brought back! My brother had a Spectrum!Im seriously regressing here!
    Love the blog and have added you to my ever growing Blog Lovin pile so hope to here more from you and Raffie in the future. Popped over from #pocolo

    • Hello there, thank you so much that’s very kind! I loved my Spectrum, and have still never been able to get rid of it! And your blog is lovely, looking forward to reading more xx

  3. Bless him! It’s so lovely when they take their time over presents. You’re right, it probably won’t last!
    I’m showing my age with you – I had a Spectrum too. Loaded up on a tape recorder. I still remember the awful noise it made and how many times it used to fail before it worked!
    Great to see you as the Newbie Showcase 🙂

    • Sorry Sarah, I pressed the wrong button-I meant to say that our Spectrum made a lot of beeping noises and yes, it was so disappointing to see that after an eternity watching stripes running up and down the screen the game had failed to load! I still loved the games though and played them endlessly. Thank you, I was really pleased to be included. Hope all is well with you and yours and you had a good Christmas break x

  4. That is just so sweet! B quickly got to grips with the unwrapping and ripped open everything in quick succession before asking “More presents for me?”. This was a common theme everyday over Christmas. I think that he is quite baffled now as to why people are turning up to the house empty handed! As you said, I think next year will be very different again! Happy New Year to you and the lovely family. Here’s to an exciting, happy and healthy 2014 xx

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