Chapter 23-The Last Laugh

They may be more Keystone Cops than Noel Coward, but Raffie doesn’t let the way he tells them get the better of a toe-curling joke.

Where's Raffie?

Where’s Raffie?

Raffie has been following the new series of Gigglebiz, Justin Fletcher’s sketch show on CBeebies, intently and has been learning the jokes, repeating them to anyone who’ll listen, from the eggs in the egg box (including our old friend Mr Egg) to nursery staff with great guffaws.

And he has been inspired to invent his own jokes.

“What do you want for breakfast Raffie?” “Your face Mummy! That’s funny!” I enjoy a laugh as much as the next person, but personally prefer either Weetabix or Shreddies.

Thanks to Gigglebiz we have “What do penguins have for lunch?” “Icebergers!” in one breath repeated over and over again.

This is usually followed rapidly by: “What’s a cat’s favourite colour Mummy?” “Umm, I don’t…” “Pink!” “You don’t mean purr-ple Raffie?” “No, pink!”

Raffie attempts to disguise himself as the laundry.

Raffie attempts to disguise himself as the laundry.

Raffie is mesmerised by the children telling their jokes to Justin on the show, and they are repeated back with gusto. Stopping in his tracks, usually through a mouthful of toast, comes the question “What they saying Mummy?”

“Well they’re telling jokes Raffie.” “That’s funny!” Well, yes, Justin and his friends certainly think so.

And that’s not all which he finds hilarious, with more of his own jokes keeping him chortling all day long. “What would you like for supper Raffie?” “Dirty socks Mummy, that’s funny!”

But along with his joke telling has come a new found confidence. “My name’s Raffie and I’ve got a telly at home,” he announced to a bemused group of toddler mums this week.

And thanks to Raffie, Daddy now knows he has to wait for an adult (I’m not sure he means me) if he wants to do any cutting because ‘scissors are sharp Daddy be careful!’.

So this Christmas at least we know that the cracker jokes won’t go unappreciated, and in the spirit of the season will probably be repeated for many months to come.

And even though his wit may not yet be quite as sharp as the kitchen scissors, as long as Raffie continues to make himself heard, I’m pretty sure he’ll always have the last laugh.

Still smiling at his joke despite the cold.

Still smiling at his joke despite the cold.


Raffie adores his Daddy although he does have his moments of trying to knock his glasses off and other hilarious tricks at his expense. This week I discovered a Daddy blog which I’ve been enjoying and it’s brought back some precious memories too! You can find out more here:

Another Daddy blog, including another boy of Raffie’s age and in our neck of the woods, which is a thoroughly good read can be found here:

14 thoughts on “Chapter 23-The Last Laugh

  1. That’s too cute! And he’s showing great iniative making up his own jokes. Love that amongst the laughter he asks what they’re saying. My 4yo still sometimes does this! #SSAmazingAchievements

  2. You’ve got a lively boy, there’s no doubt about it! I think it takes a higher level of linguistic ability to crack jokes, so you should be proud. Love the way your blog is structured, and I always love reading about toddlers! Are you on Twitter, by the way?

    • Hello there, thank you so much for reading my blog and for being so kind about it. Well he does love to talk and learning new words, so hopefully he’ll carry on embracing it. I love reading about toddlers too, they are an endless source of entertainment! Yes I am, I am @lystramaisey are you? x

  3. I love that he is telling you that his jokes are funny and you can tell how is confidence is growing at the moment. We are also fans of the show but I will be watching it in a whole new light now thinking of your little boy.

    Thanks for linking up with Small Steps Amazing Achievements :0)

  4. This is a lovely post! It’s very fascinating how your son is making the connection to what is funny. This will be a memory you can cherish when he’s much older, too. I like how you captured his learning how to make people. So cute! 🙂

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