Chapter 20-Toddler Acts of Kindness

On the whole, the lot of an egg is not a happy one. A short spell on the farm before being put on supermarket shelf, taken home and meeting an end which includes being boiled, scrambled, fried or poached.

But in the hands of Raffie, one very special egg has been given a new lease of life. Mr Egg has been out to the park, held aloft in his box while playing on the swing, and greeting the elements outside the saucepan. He now has facial features (thanks to Daddy and a Sharpie) and is quite happy sitting on the worktop, his grinning face now forever unable to be part of my lunch.

Mr Egg, safe in the knowledge he will never face the saucepan.

Mr Egg, safe in the knowledge he will never face the saucepan.

It’s not always this way though. This week we have had more than our fair share of naughtiness, and try as I might to stay calm I will never appreciate having a raspberry blown in my face.

“Mr Tumble does it Mummy, Mr Tumble blows raspberries.” From the many thousands of times I have watched Mr Tumble I have a feeling this is the toddler equivalent excuse of the dog ate my homework. But he does have random moments of kindness, even with the dog (which hasn’t eaten his homework) next door.

For several years we have glared at each other through the fence before she is whisked away by our elderly neighbour. This normally gives the dog enough time to growl and bark for a good few minutes though, something which never fails to irk me but something that Raffie has apparently found one of her more charming qualities.

“I want to make give it some dog biscuits,” Raffie declared. “Can we make it a picpic? I would like to give it a picpic Mummy.” “Really Raffie? Really are you sure?” “O yes please Mummy.” “Oh, that’s nice poppet…”

And so with an over-indulgent heart I found myself trudging home with a selection of vile smelling dog treats and wondering how I’d arrange them on a paper plate. We delivered them with much excitement, and only a minimum amount of growling. I have also squirreled away some vile looking dog chews in case this generosity presents itself again.

Even I was included in this week’s generous gestures, being presented with a flower from the garden with only a small amount of persuasion and cajoling from Daddy.

Raffie bearing gifts.

Raffie bearing gifts.

I’m the first to appreciate that taking an egg, whether hard boiled or not, on the swings may be seen by some as weird. But I feel that if you can find a friend and share a small kindness, even with something which barks at you relentlessly through a chain link fence, perhaps it’s some kind of wonderful too.


I was lucky enough to discover this lovely blog this week, and will be trying out some toddler craft ideas on rainy autumn days. you can read more here

7 thoughts on “Chapter 20-Toddler Acts of Kindness

  1. This is so sweet! I love the egg idea! 🙂 And it’s very kind Raffie wanted to show kindness to the dog. lol I think it’s the small things that truly count and I know your heart felt really warm at his gesture of kindness. 🙂 good post!

    • Dear Jenn thanks so much for your comment and it’s great to hear from you! Yes he does have his moments bless him, although he’s a bit scared of the dog he does enjoy giving him things! xx

      • Aww he’s adorable! My baby loves animals. She’s a too rough with them, though, as she’s always pressing down too hard on them so they always run away from her. lol

      • O yes, our cat passed away in January and Raffie kept trying to ride him and give him bananas-I think we’ll leave it a little while before getting another one! x

  2. These are such sweet things for him to do. I think he is showing his feelings and that’s fantastic. Not quite sure if we have seen that episode of Mr Tumble!

    Thanks for linking up with Small Steps Amazing Achievements :0)

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