Chapter 18-Me, Myself and Mine

Although Mr Why turned up on the doorstep only a couple of months ago, Mr Mine has been helping himself to the contents of the fridge, and refusing to share them with anyone, for some time.

The wonders of a new floor level fridge.

The wonders of a new floor level fridge.

He turned up earlier in the year but after a brief sojourn has returned with a vengeance.

What I hoped Raffie would say to Grandad was “Yes, you can have a crisp” what he actually said was “I will never ever share.” And so it remains, usually very loudly in front of other parents.

One of my first blog posts was about the irrepressible Hugo, star of CBeebies’ What’s the Big Idea? I wrote about how I loved his freckles and his orange jumpsuit, and how he had an answer for everything. What I didn’t realise was how he easily Hugo’s best efforts could be misinterpreted by a toddler.

The episode about sharing seemed the natural choice for Raffie to watch. Which he did, but failed to grasp how when Hugo says he will never share, he has made the wrong decision. Cue Raffie telling anyone who’ll listen, and those who won’t, that he will ‘never ever share’ just like Hugo.

As an only child until my mid-teens, I am well used to hearing people’s assumptions only children can become spoilt and selfish. I’d like to think though that I can set a good example when it comes to sharing. I share my food with Raffie to try and help him get the idea, although sharing chips is still a difficult step to take. Fortunately for me he’s not keen on them anyway.

Just don't ask him to share it.

Just don’t ask him to share it.

Some days the world, and everything in it, however, belongs to Raffie. And it doesn’t matter what it is, it’s his. We’ve had the usual suspects, my milk, my toys, my teddy, to the more unusual examples, my church, my statue, and my moon.

And following a visit to the aquarium shop we were all treated to ‘my stingray’ being yelled across the car park.
So thanks to my good intentions, Mr Mine has now taken up permanent residence, taking up all the space on the sofa and hiding the remote control.

But there is a sharing light at the end of the tunnel. Raffie’s Grandma is currently poorly, and moments after refusing to share his crisps with Grandad, he gave her his teddy bear to help her feel better. It is still keeping her company in hospital, where she is proudly showing it to her fellow patients.

With this in mind I am hopeful that if we persevere, one day Raffie might just share spontaneously, and Mr Mine will move on to pastures new. And, if we’re really lucky, he can teach me how to share my chips.

Raffie is unwilling to share the box with the binmen.

Raffie is unwilling to share the box with the binmen.


For me, parenting is a very steep learning curve. I recently met Jenn on Twitter and her blog is all about how her learning curve includes homeschooling her children. She started in July and it’s a really interesting read, and well worth a visit! And we also share an appreciation of wine. Find out more here

This week I’ve been really enjoying Stephanie Sprenger’s candid look at motherhood, and the highs and lows of parenting, and for more information take a look here


8 thoughts on “Chapter 18-Me, Myself and Mine

  1. Our two don’t like it if I ask them for any of their crisps. ‘Later’ is a new response meaning no and never which they have picked up from us when saying you can watch Thomas later, they think it means not at all. Enjoying your blog, thanks.

    • Hello there, thanks so much-lovely to hear from you! Yes, we are exploring later at the moment, I think he thinks it means never too! I think any kind of sharing is always on his terms at the moment-we’ll see! Thanks again x

  2. Thanks so much for the mention, and I can SO relate to this post! My youngest turns two next week, and we hear “mine” and “NO! I DON’T!!!” all the time. I’ve been through it before, so I know it will pass, and sometimes I find it downright amusing. Other times- not so much. 🙂

    • Hello there, thank you so much, and you are welcome! It’s fab to hear from you. Yes I agree, I think it largely depends on what kind of mood I’m in and also who it’s in front of! Sometimes I wonder if sharing is just a concept that you appreciate when you’re older! x

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