Chapter Five-It’s Not Rock and Roll, But He Likes It

History does not record the moment that Jack White was usurped by Wind the Bobbin Up as my inner soundtrack, but it’s one which marks the beginning of a new order. Both inside my head, and out of it.

It all started with Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. Since then, Raffie has gone from flailing around to this, Incy Wincy Spider and of course Wind the Bobbin Up, to earnestly singing the words while rocking from one foot to the other.

And his love of music continues to blossom daily, whether it’s sullenly repeating Sleeping Bunnies or enthusiastically yelling Baa Baa Black Sheep. Except for The Beatles, which met with a stern “What’s that noise?” It’s Twist and Shout Raffie, by The Beatles. “I don’t like this noise Mummy.”

As a roaring square I’ve never been a fully fledged member of the in crowd, but the closest I have ever came to being sneaked in by the bouncers was when I was in a band. As we whistled up and down the M4 in a Ford Transit there was much anticipation of what our future held. I was lucky to be a part of it, and meet so many talented people along the way.

The past-Ideal on bikes. That's me in the middle. Photo by Jamie Beeden.

The past-Ideal on bikes. That’s me in the middle. Photo by Jamie Beeden.

And as bass player, four strings was always more than enough for me, though I couldn’t help but feel a whisper of envy towards the guitarists who could master six strings with ease.

I never imagined however that the day I finally stepped up to learn the guitar it would be to master the Wheels on the Bus. And if I’m feeling lucky, Bob the Builder.

Raffie loves the guitar, and after daily requests of ‘Mummy plaaaaayyyyy, plaaaayyyyy!!!!!’ I have been shamed into giving it a go. Sad to say, it’s slow going, but luckily for me, two year old boys don’t tend to care so much about chord progression.

The future-Raffie thrashing out Baa Baa Black Sheep.

The future-Raffie thrashing out Baa Baa Black Sheep.

I am hoping that by the time he wants to learn I’ll have either got to grips with my How to Learn the Guitar book or found someone else who’s prepared to try and teach him properly. Either way, it’s a sign of our times and how motherhood introduces you to the unexpected. Whether it means taking up the guitar badly, or fixing a split lip without passing out, you are essentially the same, but to the power of another.

And while we don’t spend much time in a Transit van these days, our road to discovery is still paved with great expectations.


Raffie was about two months old when I stumbled, quite literally, across the Rockabye CD series at a baby massage class. They are lullaby versions of classic hits, from AC/DC to Led Zeppelin. In honour of my Dad (and my step-mother, whose claim to fame is that she was taught to play chess by Brian Jones), I bought the Rolling Stones album and it’s been played Raffie to bed every night since. If he’s not asleep by Ruby Tuesday we know we’re in trouble. Rockabye has its own website and its own blog, and you can find out more here

Back in the day, our friend Jamie took a lot of our band photos, as featured in this blog. Since then, he’s photographed all kinds of pop stars, including Jack White. You can find out more about his work here

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