Chapter Two-What’s That?

I like Hugo. For those who haven’t yet had the pleasure, he is the animated host of What’s the Big Idea? and his programme can regularly be seen on CBeebies. Raffie likes his red jumpsuit and freckles. I like Hugo because he has an answer for everything. And a lava lamp. You can see for yourself here

Even in the theme tune Hugo questions the big issues in life, what is work? what is play? why do walls get in the way? And hats off to anyone who tackles explaining the concept of infinity to pre-schoolers.

Like Hugo, Raffie is full of questions too, though with infinity slightly out of his reach they aren’t quite on the same conceptual level. From beer cans to bin men, nothing is safe from “what’s that?”, particularly when it comes to the life cycle of litter.

whats that

So this week we continued our ‘what’s that’ odyssey as we made our way to work. At 40mph it’s hard to tell what the ‘that’ racing past the window actually is, and so the conversation went something like this:

Raffie: What’s that Mummy?

Me: Is it the tree?

Raffie: No.

Me: Is it a bird?

Raffie: No.

Me: Is it the grass?

Raffie: No.

Me: Is it the sky?

Raffie: No.

Me: Hmm. Would you like some milk?

Raffie: Yes.

A friend told me today that there are three rules to parenting. The questions gradually become fewer, just more costly and more complicated. But until the day we can adopt Hugo, it’s looking like I’ll have to start raising my knowledge game-and start leaving the milk at home.


For those of us who appreciate cute characters in jumpsuits, By Hook or By Crook has a lot to offer. We are very pleased with our own little crochet creation, which we’ve imaginatively named Red Rabbit, and its creator even has her own blog all about how it’s done. You can find out more here

rabbit-7 (2)

And for those of us bombarded with what’s that? questions, this article has some useful advice, including a question book which bewildered parents can refer back to later, which sounds like a great idea to me:

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