Chapter One-The Party’s Over

They came, they saw, they crushed cake into the carpet. And now we are two.

After weeks of agonising over goodie bags and risking collapse blowing up an apparently endless bag of balloons, the big day has been and gone.

monkey-ted-11 (2)

Earlier that week we took a rare short break. The trip to Warwick promised sunshine and eating lots of nice food. It delivered torrential rain and dinners of brie and biscuits eaten in the bathroom.

After Raffie refused to eat in a family pub at lunchtime, supper in the safety of a hotel room was a blessing. When he was a tiddler, going to restaurants was fine as long as you didn’t hang around for dessert. Now he’s a toddler, those days are over. Restaurants are not, as his Daddy and I played eating tag, for banging or throwing. I thought that some colouring would give us long enough to eat a jacket potato. It was not.

So hovering in the bathroom, picking crumbs out of the plughole, later that evening was a pleasure rather than a chore, while Raffie snored off his mealtime meltdown.

The die had been cast on arrival. Having booked somewhere with an indoor pool, we discovered that the swim bag was 50 miles away, waiting to be put in the boot. And after a 40 mile round trip to replace Raffie’s teeny toddler trunks, he then screamed at the very sight of the pool.

And so with a few days to go, it seemed the terrible twos began.

Winkling remnants of robot cake and icing out of the carpet allowed a few quiet moments of contemplation.

The party’s over, but I sense the fun and games are just beginning…


Conor Grennan is a contributor with the Huffington Post, and I like his survival guide for eating out with toddlers. You can find his article here

Sometimes I wonder if Raffie could picture the world we grew up in, without mobile phones, social media or even the internet, although he’ll probably be too busy doing boy’s stuff. But love it or dismiss it, it’s a lot faster than Air Mail. I haven’t seen her for years but when I contacted my friend Liz for her thoughts about blogging, she responded with tip top advice for which I am truly grateful. Her blog about all things internet, Diary of a Web Gal, and her dog’s award-winning blog are great, and you can find out more about them here